Les Quarte Oiseaux

The Swan. The Raven. The Peacock. The Flamingo. They all share things in common yet they are so different. They share many characteristic as many birds such as a beak and feathers. While the adventurous take flight to wonderous places while others enjoy to be gracefully in the water like a young maiden.

To this season, more and more people are wearing a feature of those birds. Feather accessories and clothing represent power,wealth, and femininity, but these four birds alone represents symbols ages ago.

The Elegance of a Swan

The swan

Swan symbolizes grace and beauty and in many culture it is related to love.  It is often used in greek mythology such as Apollo the god of the sun and Leda the goddess of the moon.

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A huge obit of #ginafratini in the @guardian (by brilliant writer #veronicahowell) recently reminded us of this #fashiondesigner feted in the early #1970s for her flouncy, fairytale frocks – #voguemagazine fashion editor at the time, #gracecoddington, described them as 'cobblestone-brushing dresses'. Fratini's elaborate confections were made of sumptuous silks and cottons embellished with ribbons and lace. She was one of the #royalcollegeofart 's first fashion students (in 1947), one of her main clients was #princessdiana and the love of her life was #anthonynewley. Here #jerryhall bestrides a horse in #jamaica (a striking and rather bizarre image by #normanparkinson for @voguemagazine in #1975) in a #fratini #camisole, #skirt and #overshirt in gorgeous azure. #1970sfashion #britishfashiondesigners #fairytaledresses #fairytalefashion @thejerryhall #1970sstyle #1970svintage #1970sstyleanddesign

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Bras over Shirt? Yep, It’s Happening. Soon!


Image result for wearing bra over shirt runway

Corsets are everywhere in 2017 but maybe the bras will have their own comeback soon. Seen in the runway and on the streets in 2016, your stomach may have enough of those extra support. Corsets help women for many centuries to achieved the perfect hour-glass figure. Last year, corsets were meant for losing weight while have the perfect hour glass figure. Even though it make women look good on the exterior, it is damaging the organs on the inside.
Why should you wear your bra over your shirt?
Here’s why.

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