What I “Wore” in Marseille, France

Hello, I always like to follow fashion-travel blogs and see all their outfits that bloggers where from Greece to Mexico. Even though, a few people have this privileges to travel and wear incredible outfit, I was thinking,”Hey, How about I can pretend that I’m there?” Thanks to the internet(especially Google Earth), we,too, have the opportunity of travel to unknown places like Hawaii or New York City.
In this blog, I decided to do something similar like those famous bloggers but without spending money on a plane ticket or studying some foreign phrases. I will create posts of the places I want to go and the outfits I want to wear if I were there.  The majority of my ‘Travel’ posts will be pack of pictures, information, and clothes item under $100.00.
For my first ‘travel’ post I decided to pick The Marseilles.

Marseille is a city in the southern France which this place is known in the book and movie The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.  The Marseille has plesant tempature, night life, and beaches.
Now, I will present you all the affordable outfits I would wear if I was there.

day 1
Day Two.jpg
Day two

day three
Day 2
Day 4
221162573day 4

day five
day 5
Next one is Greece!
Day 1 : Franchi hand bag
 MANGO sleeved dress, $47 / Wide sandals / Sun hat / Topshop red shawl, $9.07
Day 2 : Embroidered top / Topshop jeans, $71 / New Balance red shoes

Day 3 : 
 MANGO stripe shirt / Mid calf skirt, $39 / Wide sandals / Topshop two buckle belt, $29
Day 4 : Topshop criss cross back dress, $47 / H M blue denim jacket / Converse red canvas sneaker, $51

Day 5 : Polo Ralph Lauren orange swimsuit / Taryn Rose platform shoes


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