Karl Lagerfeld’s Greek Goddesses 

Chanel Cruise 2017/18 fashion show guided by Karl Lagerfeld took us to back in time to Ancient Greece. He let us experience how it feel like being in this period of time when people wear tunics and gladiator shoes. The difference? That Lagerfeld let’s all the women of Ancient Greece rebelled from thier common standards. They let thier hair loose so they can experience the feeling of thier hair floating in the air for the first time in history. They show thier long beautiful legs be seen by declaring equality.  (Only man can show thier legs during that time)

Just like Coco Chanel’s mission of making a woman look a woman, not a flower garden. This fashion show itself talks about uncovering a woman so she can look like a woman with respect and equality.

Here is the full fashion show

Here is ones of my favorites!


Most used colors: Gold, Turquoise, White, Cream,

Major inspiration for other designers


Future trend Greek inspire swimsuit

Favorite items


What do you think? Is there any new trend that blossom in this show? Share your thoughts on the comments below!

Thanks for reading!



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