Bras over Shirt? Yep, It’s Happening. Soon!


Image result for wearing bra over shirt runway

Corsets are everywhere in 2017 but maybe the bras will have their own comeback soon. Seen in the runway and on the streets in 2016, your stomach may have enough of those extra support. Corsets help women for many centuries to achieved the perfect hour-glass figure. Last year, corsets were meant for losing weight while have the perfect hour glass figure. Even though it make women look good on the exterior, it is damaging the organs on the inside.
Why should you wear your bra over your shirt?
Here’s why.

1. Great Investment on New Bras

You might ask, “Why should I buy beautiful delicate bras if they are always hidden under my shirt?” That is true but if you want to be one of the first person to bring back this trend’s comeback, now is the time to pamper yourself with new bras!

2. When the trend is over, at least it is not a bad buy.

You can wear your bra under your shirt and you will feel confident and sexy. Also, buy the right size of bra will not only be comfortable but your clothes will look better!

3. You use it to almost any occasion

Bra over shirt can be use during the evening,noon, morning. You can use this trend at the beach, streets, winter, summer, or spring. Just don’t do it a work.

4. Can be pull off by every single body type and style

It doesn’t matter the type of body or your personal style is, anyone can pull it off! The choice is yours to make it lady-like, rebellious, vintage or modern! Don’t make fear stop you!

Here are some below of how I’ll wear it.


Mrs Flirty Rose
Bras are the new corsette

Be that person who everyone likes to copy!

It’s a good thing. Just not at an exam. I hate it when they do that!

Are you always the person who follow the crowd or make a crowd?

Post your comments down below!



(B.D. is my initial)


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