Les Quarte Oiseaux

The Swan. The Raven. The Peacock. The Flamingo. They all share things in common yet they are so different. They share many characteristic as many birds such as a beak and feathers. While the adventurous take flight to wonderous places while others enjoy to be gracefully in the water like a young maiden.

To this season, more and more people are wearing a feature of those birds. Feather accessories and clothing represent power,wealth, and femininity, but these four birds alone represents symbols ages ago.

The Elegance of a Swan

223648959The swan

Swan symbolizes grace and beauty and in many culture it is related to love.  It is often used in greek mythology such as Apollo the god of the sun and Leda the goddess of the moon.

The Mystery of the Beautiful Raven

The Raven
Known in the poem by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Raven”, the raven is used as a symbol of mystery and darkness in many literature and belief. Where there is a thin line between mystery and wisdom.  Even though many have a negative belief on the bird, the raven represent good luck.

The Royalty of a Peacock

The Peacock
The peacock has its fame of being associated to royalty. Orgins from India, these birds are a symbol of spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection, & watchfulness. The Peacock takes a part of Greco-Roman mythology, Persian and Hinduism.

The Flirtatious Bird

The Flamingo


The pink flamingo has been a favorite image in women clothes. The flamingo represent  beauty, balance, and grace. The image of the flamingo is used to represent summer for its lively bubble gum color or maybe they look cool with black sunglasses on. We just never know.
As the feather trend fly further up, I chose these four birds so I can tell all you readers that anybody can wear this trend as well learn a bit of an information of these wonderful birds.

I hope you like these post!

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