Hello! I am writing about a web series call The Most Popular Girls in School.

****This is not a Spoiler***

Last week, I was catching up with the new season of The Most Popular Girls in School. For people who doesn’t know, It’s basically a YouTube Web series about teenager girls’ dramas in high school but with Barbie dolls. It is pretty entertaining and popular but they say words that children aren’t suppose to hear. In every season, the setting is basically the same high school but in season 5 it’s different. In season 5, the football team, the cheerleader squad, Deandra, and Cameron van Buren are all competing in the Junior Modeling Competition in Paris after unexpectedly the original American Team disappear. This is basically what the season is about and I don’t want to give away too many details. You can watch it here.

****This is also not a Spoiler. (Well, it kind of is, but they also share this information on the trailer)****

In episode 2,  Mackenzie, Brittnay, Trisha, and Trisha 2 came to the place where they are meeting the model agent. The model agent told them that they need more models because 5 are not enough (Why she didn’t say how many people she need before they hop on the plane?) After she left, The French team came to introduce themselves. I’m going to stop here because I want to point out these french dolls.

Just look how classy they look, just like how many people think what the French look like :  Classy and sophisticated!

” That french modeling team looks as if they would be Brittney, Makenzie, and Trishas if they were all be cleaned up and upgraded.” – xSonamyx

Even though all of think this is the upgraded version of the Barbie dolls, it is basically the original face that the first Barbies had.

By Original uploaded by Barbieologin at Wikimedia Commons (Original uploaded at 2009-08-11 10:16) as File:Mattelno1br.jpg. Permission CC-BY-3.0; Released under the {{Cc-by-3.0}} license (Transferred by Crakkerjakk 12:05, 16 June 2012 (UTC)., Fair use,

(you can buy one just like it buy clicking on the link)

Inspire by the German doll Bild Lili, Mattel decide to create the kids version of the doll, Barbie.

Image result for bild lilli dolls
Bild Lili

Named after Handler’s daughter, Barbara, Barbie became a huge hit! everything went well til Barbie’s fame came to Germany. After the German company sued them, Mattel bought the copyrights from them. After creating the world of Barbie from family to Barbie’s complicated relationship to Ken, we fast forward to the Barbie we know today. The Barbie that is very diverse, which is hot in the moment as we need more diversity!

We are basically in the point of time that we love everything vintage because it is so unique and different.

So today, I round-up all the dolls from the Silkstone collection and you too can copy their style!

Starting with the French modeling Team!

Just look at her! She is my favorite!

224442518Little Black Dress
 Image result for barbie silkstone chicchic-city-suit-barbiec2ae-doll-face


Chanel 2015 Fall Ready-to-wear

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

download (1).png



You can see the whole collection on the link. I hope you like reading this post.

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