How to Use your Summer Favorites All Year Long

Fall is here! Came a little late here in the U.S due to Global Warming? Well, you felt the cold breeze and it does not feel as hot as it used to when you work out.
Even though we love our pumpkin spice so much, it is time to transit your summer clothes for fall.
We all have our favorite summer ensembles that we all love, we just can not bear to lose.
Lucky, when there is a problem, there is a solution: as long as we work hard.
In this lovely short post, I’ll share to you all my ideas of how to keep that favorite item of yours inside you closet at sight!

Put Jacket on It

Dark Soul229593296
I know it sound simple enough but wearing a warm good quality coat will let you wear your short-sleeve shirt during this season.

Put a Long-Sleeve Shirt under It 

Like the 90’s trend but with long sleeves! Simple enough.

Totally Over It

RED- EE229593026
Got a crop top? You can put it over a knit dress. Try to keep the dress or the crop top simple. Pair it up with some fall accessories.

Keep it Simple

Favorite skirt pair up with your favorite hoodie? To look chic in a hoodie is to wear it in neutral colors. Got a hoodie of your favorite college team? No problem! Use your hoodie as your staement hoodie, just keep the rest simple and harmonize the outfit.

Yep. Those Saint-Laurent’s

There was a Spark229594831.jpg

Shorts too short for fall? Tight are never mention or easily seen in stores but they are useful for these kind of situations. Pair it up with shorts and tights…Boom! Stylish.Comfort.Shorts. All. The. Time.

Well I hope you like this article!




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