Pledge of Elegance is a fashion blog managed by B.D. Here, I’ll post things  such as Fashion,Culture,Cars,Celebrities,Books and things that I like at the moment. This is not a normal average blog that post extremely long articles (I’ll be posting some from time to time). The purpose of this blog is like my Pinterest/Diary of all the things that I like in the moment, so I’ll be mainly most of my post will be short but sweet!


Thank you for passing by Bellas!



About me

B.D is an anonymous writer who has a passion of fashion who loves history, specifically the evolution of fashion. A believer in the philosophy that image contains more words,emotions,and meaning than words.
Obsession of the moment: ABBA
Favorite Lyrics of the moment:
“You can dance
you can dive
having the time of your life
see that girl
watch that scene
diggin’ the dancing queen”