Pledge of Elegance



Pledge of Elegance is a fashion blog managed by B.D. Here, I’ll post things such as fashion, culture, cars, celebrities, books, and things that I like at the moment. This is not a normal average blog that post extremely long articles (I’ll be posting some from time to time). The purpose of this blog is like my Pinterest/Diary of all the things that I like in the moment, so I’ll be mainly most of my post will be short but sweet!




Thank you for passing by Bellas!

Email : pledgeofelegance@gmail.com

All pictures are from pexels.com

About me

B.D is an anonymous writer who has a passion of fashion who loves history, specifically the evolution of fashion. She loves the taste of honey, the 70’s sea, the blue sky, ballet, and every Sophie Kinsella’s book.

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