La Vie en Rose

I decided to make a post of all thing pink as it is my favorite color of the moment. I been very fond to the color pink lately. It is the color that stand out the most for my eyes and I like how feminine the color is. I like to wear the color pink while doing some of my accomplishments because it is a strong color to me. The color pink gives me courage to do things while being an independent woman. I like how the color pink is one of the colors that represents innocence. The color pink is a mixture of passionate red and pure white  which it has a nice balance to it. It is a charming color to me and very popular.  In this post you will see many pink item that you can wear or get inspire of wearing pink.

Pink Freak

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Style Inspo from The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls are getting back together? Even Victoria Beckham? Those were the headlines from the website, The Sun . The Spice Girls will get back together and make an album and a performance. Everyone of them, including Posh Spice.

When I first read this I thought,” Victoria finally decided to join with the band after all these years of declining? It does not sound like something she would do, Expecially with a successful fashion brand.” She decline the rumors of her participating in the reunion.

Even though we do not know if the show will go on with out Posh and Sporty Spice, where there is life there is hope.

After that news, I begin googling theirs iconic looks. I decided to recreate each spice look so it would look modern. I know it is not the exact look but I modernize it so it can be more suitable.

Scary Spice

What I love: I love the yellow sport bra.

Ginger Spice
What I love: I am obsessed with the baker hat. It is classic and has a cute look to it. In my opinion, its like the cousin of the infamous beret. This look is classy with youthful twist.
Sporty Spice
What I love: I love the orange sport bra as it look retro.
Baby Spice
What I love: I love the innocence of this outfit. Baby Spice reminds me of the French 60’s singer, France Gall.
Posh Spice
What I love: This must be one of my favorite outfit. I adore the shoes; It has a nice touch. The front is in a Glossy Black-aka Apple IPhone 7- and coverts into a leopard print. This outfit is classy with a fun,wild touch.
I hope you like this post!
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Pinky Promise

Do you need to shop for your pink pixie friend for the holidays but every pink thing you see is only for little kids? Don’t worry as I made a collection of all pink things every pinkophile(?) would enjoy. Every item under 100.
Pinky Promise by pledge-of-elegance on polyvore.comThere is more items if you click one of those links above!
(If you want me to make a list of pink gifts under 20, comment below)