S.O.S : Socks on Slides

Socks on slide used to be one of the worse combination that people thought of…aka crocs with socks. But, when slides is in fashion but out of season, should we be warm-hearted this fall/winter?
Here, I’ll share one way of how to wear sliders and socks fashionably?
Here are some examples.

In the Nude

In the Nude

Cat Lady

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How to Use your Summer Favorites All Year Long

Fall is here! Came a little late here in the U.S due to Global Warming? Well, you felt the cold breeze and it does not feel as hot as it used to when you work out.
Even though we love our pumpkin spice so much, it is time to transit your summer clothes for fall.
We all have our favorite summer ensembles that we all love, we just can not bear to lose.
Lucky, when there is a problem, there is a solution: as long as we work hard.
In this lovely short post, I’ll share to you all my ideas of how to keep that favorite item of yours inside you closet at sight!

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Hello! I am writing about a web series call The Most Popular Girls in School.

****This is not a Spoiler***

Last week, I was catching up with the new season of The Most Popular Girls in School. For people who doesn’t know, It’s basically a YouTube Web series about teenager girls’ dramas in high school but with Barbie dolls. It is pretty entertaining and popular but they say words that children aren’t suppose to hear. In every season, the setting is basically the same high school but in season 5 it’s different. In season 5, the football team, the cheerleader squad, Deandra, and Cameron van Buren are all competing in the Junior Modeling Competition in Paris after unexpectedly the original American Team disappear. This is basically what the season is about and I don’t want to give away too many details. You can watch it here.

****This is also not a Spoiler. (Well, it kind of is, but they also share this information on the trailer)****

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Les Quarte Oiseaux

The Swan. The Raven. The Peacock. The Flamingo. They all share things in common yet they are so different. They share many characteristic as many birds such as a beak and feathers. While the adventurous take flight to wonderous places while others enjoy to be gracefully in the water like a young maiden.

To this season, more and more people are wearing a feature of those birds. Feather accessories and clothing represent power,wealth, and femininity, but these four birds alone represents symbols ages ago.

The Elegance of a Swan

The swan

Swan symbolizes grace and beauty and in many culture it is related to love.  It is often used in greek mythology such as Apollo the god of the sun and Leda the goddess of the moon.

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A huge obit of #ginafratini in the @guardian (by brilliant writer #veronicahowell) recently reminded us of this #fashiondesigner feted in the early #1970s for her flouncy, fairytale frocks – #voguemagazine fashion editor at the time, #gracecoddington, described them as 'cobblestone-brushing dresses'. Fratini's elaborate confections were made of sumptuous silks and cottons embellished with ribbons and lace. She was one of the #royalcollegeofart 's first fashion students (in 1947), one of her main clients was #princessdiana and the love of her life was #anthonynewley. Here #jerryhall bestrides a horse in #jamaica (a striking and rather bizarre image by #normanparkinson for @voguemagazine in #1975) in a #fratini #camisole, #skirt and #overshirt in gorgeous azure. #1970sfashion #britishfashiondesigners #fairytaledresses #fairytalefashion @thejerryhall #1970sstyle #1970svintage #1970sstyleanddesign

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