What I “Wore” in London

Hello everyone! If you remember I stared out this series since a year ago. My first post is What I "Wore" in Marseilles, France.  As I explained on my first "wore" post, I always have a wanderlust of traveling to different parts of the world. I would like to learn the traditional culture of Japan …



Hello! I would like to share many of the outfits my sister made on the app of combyne! I hope you enjoy and like this post! b.D.

Haute Body

Hello! I made a quick post of the different type of swimsuits you would like to wear this summer.                         What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Comment down below.   b.D.

Wild Child

I do not know why but warm temperatures makes me feel adventurous. I just want to go to a tropical rain forest or to a safari and just learn about it. I want to go to a tropical destination and enjoy the sun. I want to drink all those colorful drinks with their tiny umbrella …