Loft Wishlist

Welcome to my Loft Wishlist! Today I will present all the items that I like from the Loft website. I am fond of Loft by its chic yet modest style. It is a mixture of items that are elegant and modern! I am glad to present all the garments that I would LOVE to wear. Lets get started!


I love this shirt because it is chic and flirty at the same time. I like the ruffles on the sleeves and the tiny polka dots details within it. It is a nice shirt for the night!

dotted ruffle blouse
Dotted Ruffle Blouse

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La Vie en Rose

I decided to make a post of all thing pink as it is my favorite color of the moment. I been very fond to the color pink lately. It is the color that stand out the most for my eyes and I like how feminine the color is. I like to wear the color pink while doing some of my accomplishments because it is a strong color to me. The color pink gives me courage to do things while being an independent woman. I like how the color pink is one of the colors that represents innocence. The color pink is a mixture of passionate red and pure white  which it has a nice balance to it. It is a charming color to me and very popular.  In this post you will see many pink item that you can wear or get inspire of wearing pink.

Pink Freak

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What I “Wore” in Marseille, France

Hello, I always like to follow fashion-travel blogs and see all their outfits that bloggers where from Greece to Mexico. Even though, a few people have this privileges to travel and wear incredible outfit, I was thinking,”Hey, How about I can pretend that I’m there?” Thanks to the internet(especially Google Earth), we,too, have the opportunity of travel to unknown places like Hawaii or New York City.
In this blog, I decided to do something similar like those famous bloggers but without spending money on a plane ticket or studying some foreign phrases. I will create posts of the places I want to go and the outfits I want to wear if I were there.  The majority of my ‘Travel’ posts will be pack of pictures, information, and clothes item under $100.00.
For my first ‘travel’ post I decided to pick The Marseilles.

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