All that Glitters is not Gold

Left to Right: Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner, and Chiara Ferragni

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Favorite Lyrics


“You can dance
you can dive
having the time of your life
see that girl
watch that scene
diggin’ the dancing queen”
-Dancing Queen by Abba

What I “Wore” in Marseille, France

Hello, I always like to follow fashion-travel blogs and see all their outfits that bloggers where from Greece to Mexico. Even though, a few people have this privileges to travel and wear incredible outfit, I was thinking,”Hey, How about I can pretend that I’m there?” Thanks to the internet(especially Google Earth), we,too, have the opportunity of travel to unknown places like Hawaii or New York City.
In this blog, I decided to do something similar like those famous bloggers but without spending money on a plane ticket or studying some foreign phrases. I will create posts of the places I want to go and the outfits I want to wear if I were there.  The majority of my ‘Travel’ posts will be pack of pictures, information, and clothes item under $100.00.
For my first ‘travel’ post I decided to pick The Marseilles.

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